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Saturday, 1 February 2014

My First Time Ever Working With a Brand.


Hello Guys, welcome back to my little ol' blog.
I'm so excited to share this one with you guys today, because as my heading says - this is the first time i have ever worked with a brand.
A couple days ago i was given the oppurtunity to work with an american based brand called "Wantable". It's like a subscription thing for makeup, jewellery and clothes- they send you the latest and hottest things to keep you up to check with what's in style at the current moment. 
it's also majorly discounted from the RRP!
I was sent a package/box to review and I AM SO PLEASED WITH WHAT I WAS GIVEN.
If you guys have the chance do check out their website. some of thier stuff is the :)
It's <------------ THEY SHIP TO THE UK.
the box was a little battered because of the post man but it still looks amazeballs!
i do love a cheeky greeting aha
my two fav pieces i was given! i was sent some underwear as well and they're so pretty, however i'm not too comfortable posting it on here.
list of what i was sent ( the prices included are the RRP prices, normally there is a discounted price)
 wantable ladies cami, dark grey - £16
cheeky lace panty cotton candy pink - £22.90
Betsey johnson intimates sleep shorts houndstooth - £29
aloe crew socks- £10 

i'm so grateful i recieved all of this in total i was sent £36 worth of stuff ( i think it was discounted though)

as always guys thanks for reading.
lots of love Sarah S x

p.s look out for my next two post :*  

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