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SO Indie!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

 So Indie It Hurts! (only joking)

 Le Clothes.
 crop top: boohoo
hat: boohoo
shirt: charity shop 
jeans: ASOS
shoes: Dr marten dupes , Depop

Hello to anyone reading this. I haven't blogged in ages and that sucks! Well actually i haven't been blogging consistently... but i have been very busy with student finance and accommodation for uni and all that jazz (if that excuses anything). Today i just thought i'd show you guys my typical casual everyday looks for when i want to be lazy. These jeans are pretty much my best friend- i wear them like 3 times a week (that's so sad aha) but i love them! Okay so i said in a really old post that I’m not really into charity shops BUT i think i am now a convert! I'm forever impressed with the bargains i get whenever i do decide to enter a charity shop.
Any way guys i hope you're all having a fab summer holiday, keep posted for some festival looks- i've been to wireless so far and my camera died so i couldn't take any pics , however i will be doing a look/ different looks for my other upcoming festivals if i get the chance ( so let’s pray for good weather aha).

As always guys thanks for reading.

Have a sick summer. 
P.S if you don't follow me on instagram its SSOLOMON_
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  1. u look great

  2. This outfit is so awesome! I love the combo:)
    Maybe you want to follow each other? Your blog is lovely, so let me know:)
    xoxo, Mai ♥

    1. Thank you, yeah will have a look at your blog :)

  3. Great outfit! Charity shops are quite hit and miss depending on the area I find! Go to some posh areas and you'll be pleasantly surprised haha