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RareBeaut! RareBeaut.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A RareBeaut Bandage Dress.

Hello lovely people. Before I start talking about my outfit I just want to thank everyone that reads my blog, i recently had a look at my stats and they're higher than ever! I'm so happy, even though i don't blog professionally- it's nice knowing people actually want to read/look at my blog. p.s don't forget to comment - i love reading/replying to comments. THANK YOU! 

okay guys if you haven't guessed already- i am sporting a RareBeaut dress! you can find their website here

A couple weeks ago i was asked to review this gorgeous dress and i immediately fell in love with it, it's an even better feeling actually wearing the dress. I am a huuuuuggge fan of body-con and bandage dress because it shows off my curves as well as adding a distraction to my stomach, which is mainly why i love this dress so much. It's really weird how a dress can suddenly make a girl feel extremely confident huh? aha. (this is definitely a dress for my uni freshers)

If your a fan of dresses by celeb boutique and places like that ,then you'll definitely be a fan of RareBeaut now! Mainly because their dresses are pretty much the same but it comes at a greater discount! i believe this dress was only £65 and its called 'RENA' you can find the link to it here

A little about is a small online bandage dress store, they're fairly new and their entire focus is on "offering that celebrity feeling with out the celebrity price tag" .

SOOOOO if you guys a looking for a hot bargain dress- head over to

As always thank you for reading! 
If you have anything to say do leave a comment- i love reading them!

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  1. Great outfit! Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria :