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Tuesday, 3 November 2015


hello autumn! (or winter i'm not too sure)

Le Clothes:
Jacket: Missguided £35
Laced up top: eBay £9
Jeans: Primark £13
Shoes: Adidas Superstar £65

Hello lovely readers, how've you all been?
So i'm gonna keep this post short and sweet as it's currently 10:52 pm and i need my beauty sleep duhhh? aha just kidding, i'm being a boring student and i'm doing my essays!
I know most people wear colour more during summer but i have challenged myself to incorporate more colour in my style, so heads up for the future! 
I love this jacket from missguided, literally one of my favs (but i have so many coats), i thought this lace up top was kinda edgy (omg i hate that word) and looks really good when trying to spice up an outfit and obviously black high waisted jeans are simply my go to look!
Thanks for coming back!
Hope you all stay blessed

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photography by Amber Schormans
her instagram @amberhs_photography 
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Saturday, 5 September 2015


Ladies, has a man ever told you that you're just too good, too great and wonderful to stay with? Just before i continue i want you to know this is not a post that's intended to blast men because lets face the facts we love them, but, do we love their cowardly lies? I think not. 

I've always wondered what pleasure certain men get from leading women on, making them think they want a future and nothing short term. Also women why do we (certain women) fall for it? It's like a spell we can't break until it breaks us. I don't know about any other women and i certainly cannot speak for them but in my short but ongoing 19 years of age i've come to realise i don't like anything short term, not just with relationships but with life in general. It's been drilled into me from a very young age that i had to work hard to get what i wanted or to enable i provide the best life for myself- so everything has been a progression for the future.
Yet, i still seem to wonder why that same work ethic does not apply in relationships (any kind for that matter friendships and family included). From personal experience and from other sources it seems that when a woman is totally honest about how she feels towards a man that that is the prime opportunity for the relationship to essentially(pardon my language)  fuck up. What's even more strange is how the relationship is brought to an end, with the two most popular attempts by men.


1) The cowards way out- he strings the relationship along for as long as it takes the woman to "realise" her worth. What i mean is, he acts like a total shit head and the woman is left confused about what is happening and then maybe after a month or even two for some the woman finally gets fed up and leaves the relationship. 
2) The "you're too good for me" guys- you see these guys are my favourite because they are known to chat utter shit. They will say anything to make you think you're too much of a queen to even be with peasants like them. To me these guys are cowards too because they choose to lie (well it may not be a lie because some of us are queens but you get what i mean) and even sometimes believe that they're helping you with that lie ,instead of just telling the truth. These ones often known as expert liars.


After we are fed such elaborate bullshit we start to think "am i actually too good?" "too strong and too wonderful?" 

Well the truth is you probably are! and there's no need to even consider changing those aspects for any man and if he can't handle a strong and good woman that knows she's going places then simply leave him be. He's most likely too weak mentally or too immature. I'm not saying start a hate campaign, I'm simply saying move on, don't waste time on a man that really is not ready to grow up because it only slows down your progress. 

As always thanks for reading guys, i felt i had to write this post because a lot of people (women ) are currently struggling with this and as always i'm here to help and even embarrass myself by sometimes drawing from my own life experiences.

Hope you all remain blessed. 

If you have any questions or simply don't agree with this then please leave a comment down below, i understand the topic is rather controversial and not everyone will like this.

Also a final thank you to everyone who reads this blog, my views have more than doubled since i started blogging again. Thank  you for all the support. I really do appreciate it. 

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Superstars and Stripes.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Superstars and Stripes.  

Le Clothes.
Top-  asos
Dungarees- H&M
shoes- Adidas Superstars
Hello lovely readers, welcome back to my blog, hope you're all having a fab summer, for once since like year 11 i'm fully enjoying summer thoroughly even though i have been incredibly busy it's been fun! can't wait to finally relax next week on my holiday! 

Anyway i went for a really simple look, largely because i haven't had a lot of time on my hands so my looks been pretty much on the go. Thank God for depop i found this fab dungarees on there for only £10! bargain! If you guys don't shop on depop i would highly recommend as a student i'm always looking for the best deals and the app hasn't failed me yet (no this is not an ad, i don't do them! i just really like the app and i'm sure a lot of you guys do too). Whilst we're thanking God for depop lets also thank God for my little sister or mum or whoever bought her the shoes because i fell in love! and had to test drive these babies. you guys might have guess i'm not a huge sneakerhead and i'm currently on the hunt for some new trainers and these are strong competition! if you guys have any suggestions for me please leave it down below!

Thanks for reading guys.
Till next time  

Photos taken by amber schormans.
You can find her on instagram at @amberhs_photography 

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3 signs You're Doing Well In life Even When You Don't Think So!

Hey guys, i know some times all feel a little down about our positions in life, we are either  not happy with where we are, our jobs, our grades or even family lives that we seem to forget just how much we've accomplished. I know i'm a constant victim of this, so this post should not only be helpful you guys but also to me. 

3 signs you're doing well in life even when you don't think so.

  1. you've learned from your experiences- no one said life's journey would be easy, there will ultimately be a few bumps along the road (i'm sure we've all experienced this) but the journey is always worth it. As long as you can learn from your past mistakes you're already moving forward in life because you've learnt to not look back and make the same mistakes. 
  2. knowledge is at your fingertips- we often take for granted so many things around us that we often learn from, neglecting to show appreciation to the many things that enable us to grow as individuals. for instance without sounding to cliché, the fact that we get free education is a total blessing because as we all know in other parts of the world that isn't the case. so, the fact that we're taking full advantage of the knowledge right on our finger tips already displays how well, we're actually doing.   
  3. you have a dream - whatever your dream is it's yours! you have the power to embrace it and create it. don't give up!

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Friday, 7 August 2015

Finally not wearing all black *dances*

(p.s. welcome back peeps)

 Le Clothes:

Top: eBay £?
Trousers: Missguided  £15
Shoes: ebay £15
Bag: JustFab

Hey Guys, welcome back to the blog. I know its been a while since my last style post but life just seemed to get in the way. Nonetheless, i'm back now and i plan on expanding the focus of my blog a little bit more, so you'll be seeing more features on not just my personal style but also political features and the occasional lifestyle post.

So where have i been?
Studying. A few of you may know i attend university atm and last year i started my first year studying international media and communications with french, which along with uni life was rather full, but thankfully all the hard work was worth it because i came out with a 2;1.

Okay back to the fashion aha, i've noticed my style is rather simplistic and elegant (well i try anyway lol) so it;s not strange for me to be seen in a pair of smart fitting trousers and a casual top. In an attempt to break away from my usual all black look i found these khaki trousers from missguided perfect for that. It didn't hurt that they were only £15 too aha. Although i love a good pair of heels, it's a little impractical for everyday use, which i why i adore my platforms from eBay because they give a 5'4 girl like me some height (which i really need ,especially since all my friends are tall) and add a subtle touch of elegance to the outfit imo.

Thanks for reading guys 
If you wanna keep up to date with my outfit posts you can follow me on my social media links at:
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P.S. the photographs were taken by Amber Schormans. 
You can find her on instagram @amberhs_photography 

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

A-Level results day is coming up and you're a little nervous?

A few tips on how to calm those nerves and get you ready for judgement day.

Doing a-levels was the hardest and most trying period for me personally and like a lot of you reading this, i dreaded results day too. After countless hours spent in the library studying for subjects i had no passion for at all (well i did really enjoy a few) and found utterly boring i just wanted to have a summer to remember.After many festivals, parties and social gatherings my desire to know what i had achieved for my a-levels began to kick in. These are a few methods i used to keep calm. i hope this helps someone out there.

ways to relieve the stress.
  1. Think positively. This is so essential in order to relieve the stress because since stress is somewhat of a mental battle,therefore it is easy to combat this by focusing on the good.
  2. Do something that makes you laugh/ keeps you busy. so go to a theme park, see some friends, paint something. whatever it is that makes you laugh and keeps you busy- focus on that.
  3. Remind yourself of your strengths. The human brain has a strong negative bias, this means that we tend to mainly focus on the negatives and let the positives slip by. Therefore focusing on the positives at least gives you the moment to give yourself a chance. 
Remember that you cannot change the circumstances now. Que Sera. what will be, will be. So try not to stress too much and enjoy the rest of your summer whatever the outcome is.

what to do on results day

you made the grades? 

congratulations. You can now relax, tell your parents, friends, cats and dogs that you finally get to leave your hell hole of a town. On to bigger and better things.Go you. 

you haven't made the grades but still want to go to university?

unfortunately not everyone gets the grades they wanted or even deserved which is rather sad actually but, not to worry, if you happen to be one the few unfortunate people who fall short of a grade then perhaps try going through the clearing process if you are adamant that university is what you want. You'll be surprised by how many people are accepted through clearing who fall short of the grades. Try looking at the back up universities before hand (if you can predict what your grades may be like) that way the clearing process is a lot shorter because ultimately you'll be calling up the universities that accept people within the grade boundaries (i hope that makes sense aha).

you didn't make it through the clearing process? 

welp! it wasn't mean to be.Give up. You failed!!
JK JK, honestly guys if you don't mange to get into university this year DONT WORRY. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and God's timing is always right. So go back and try again next year or not perhaps you may realise uni isn't for you- that's good too. 

Thanks for reading guys.
I hope you found this somewhat helpful

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