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Saturday, 26 August 2017

“Thick is IN”

Okay but it’s always been lit…

Hello guys,
Welcome back to my lil blog, if you haven’t already followed me on instagram then wtf is you doing baby?---> @sarahsolomon__  

Okay, so today i want to address this recent narrative that being thick is in, purely because on the fact that Beyonce and Rihanna are suddenly rocking a full and curvaceous body. Don’t get me wrong i am living for queen bey and couldn’t be her biggest fan. What i not a fan on is how society has only just began to accept larger women because is no

w a trend. From a fellow big gal (uk size 12), i think this is quite rude tbh, i’ve always been litty lol.

This isn’t meant to be a rant, i just think as people, we shouldn’t be so quick to disregard other people and then do a 360 when it becomes a trend. We are not a trend.

If you want to hear more on my thoughts of real life issues then subscribe to my YouTube channel, Sarah Solomon i consider myself to be an empowerment architect :)

Stay Blessed, Stay Humble.

Sarah Solomon  

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The Flash is back!

and she's a melaninated black woman with a big ass afro....

Hey Guys, 
Welcome back to my blog. Gosh it feels so weird writing on here, i've been gone for far too long. Sorry i was sorting my ish out. 
Goodness, i have missed blogging, felt so strange posing for pics all over again. 

Just a quick post to say i'm back. For a short explanation stay posted to my youtube channel Sarah Solomon


jacket: thrifted:
top: candywrapdesign:
skirt: actually a black dress lol, asos
rings: ebay

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