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Saturday, 5 September 2015


Ladies, has a man ever told you that you're just too good, too great and wonderful to stay with? Just before i continue i want you to know this is not a post that's intended to blast men because lets face the facts we love them, but, do we love their cowardly lies? I think not. 

I've always wondered what pleasure certain men get from leading women on, making them think they want a future and nothing short term. Also women why do we (certain women) fall for it? It's like a spell we can't break until it breaks us. I don't know about any other women and i certainly cannot speak for them but in my short but ongoing 19 years of age i've come to realise i don't like anything short term, not just with relationships but with life in general. It's been drilled into me from a very young age that i had to work hard to get what i wanted or to enable i provide the best life for myself- so everything has been a progression for the future.
Yet, i still seem to wonder why that same work ethic does not apply in relationships (any kind for that matter friendships and family included). From personal experience and from other sources it seems that when a woman is totally honest about how she feels towards a man that that is the prime opportunity for the relationship to essentially(pardon my language)  fuck up. What's even more strange is how the relationship is brought to an end, with the two most popular attempts by men.


1) The cowards way out- he strings the relationship along for as long as it takes the woman to "realise" her worth. What i mean is, he acts like a total shit head and the woman is left confused about what is happening and then maybe after a month or even two for some the woman finally gets fed up and leaves the relationship. 
2) The "you're too good for me" guys- you see these guys are my favourite because they are known to chat utter shit. They will say anything to make you think you're too much of a queen to even be with peasants like them. To me these guys are cowards too because they choose to lie (well it may not be a lie because some of us are queens but you get what i mean) and even sometimes believe that they're helping you with that lie ,instead of just telling the truth. These ones often known as expert liars.


After we are fed such elaborate bullshit we start to think "am i actually too good?" "too strong and too wonderful?" 

Well the truth is you probably are! and there's no need to even consider changing those aspects for any man and if he can't handle a strong and good woman that knows she's going places then simply leave him be. He's most likely too weak mentally or too immature. I'm not saying start a hate campaign, I'm simply saying move on, don't waste time on a man that really is not ready to grow up because it only slows down your progress. 

As always thanks for reading guys, i felt i had to write this post because a lot of people (women ) are currently struggling with this and as always i'm here to help and even embarrass myself by sometimes drawing from my own life experiences.

Hope you all remain blessed. 

If you have any questions or simply don't agree with this then please leave a comment down below, i understand the topic is rather controversial and not everyone will like this.

Also a final thank you to everyone who reads this blog, my views have more than doubled since i started blogging again. Thank  you for all the support. I really do appreciate it. 

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