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Thursday, 8 September 2016


Hello everyone, welcome back to my little space on the internet. Glad to see you again! 

So I'm currently writing this post from my iPhone at Liverpool st station waiting for my very delayed train back home (ugh I hate commuting).
However I have a super sassy look for you all today. I hope you enjoy! 

These lovely thigh highs are from a fab company called 4thandreckless
They specialise in shoes and do really have an amazing range!
These pair are actually out of stock at the moment... As fabulous as they are , however I would recommend looking at other items on their website as they have just got a bunch of new season shoes.

In my opinion this look can gather some mixed views (along with everything else in life).
Some might say it's distasteful , others might say it's too risqué and the wonderful brilliant people in the world will know it's slays!
I borrowed my boyfriends jacket as it felt like the missing piece to my fabulous puzzle aha.
No seriously i love it! If you ever want to look super edgy just get a camo jacket. This one was from 10deep. 
As always thanks for reading guys, everything will be tagged below. Hope you're having a better Thursday than me because waiting 1h30 for a train back home is not fun. 
Jacket-10deep/  Skort (yes Skort ) -boohoo/ Top- Thrifted / Thigh Highs- 4thandreckless 
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