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LIFE TALKS: Happiness is a journey

Friday, 12 August 2016


*a little more insight into my mind, my life talks tend to be a reflection of my experiences, this is one of my little gems taken from my drafts which i'm finally ready to share*

Happiness is a continuous journey. Here's mine. 
Hello People! Welcome back to my long abandoned but dearly loved (by myself) space on the internet. With life moving so fast i haven't really had a chance to write... Okay so what happened? rewind to 1st January 2016, i set myself some resolutions (sad i know), some i have achieved and others not so much but i still have 6 more months- watch this space. So i want to talk about happiness today... 
With the new year blooming i wanted to grow as a person internally, i noticed that at uni i didn't really fit in any groups- kind of a floater which i have always been and before uni i was so content with this. However university is a giant bubble and is so easy to get sucked and even easier to feel lonely. After heavy reflection of my first year i realised that i had become dependant on others to provide happiness for me and this was not good! Basically my head space was heavily clouded by a lot of negativity... 
I was on a quest for happiness and self love! I started exercising more and distanced myself from certain people and had also made the conscious effort to meet people who i actually wanted to be around. Eventually i started to see the that the little changes i had made had actually made my outlook on life/university more positive. I decided to stop overthinking everything, stressing about things i cannot change and dropped people that drained me (i am actually very brutal when i let people go lol, i'm working on my tolerance). 
"You can chose to be happy" was a statement i hated hearing because i didn't understand that my happiness was entirely dependant on me. Even when i was annoyed at someone i didn't realise that really it was my reaction that made me unhappy. So what am i saying? Happiness is journey, its not a straight road but it's something that's definitely worth stepping out of your bubble for.  

  1. Decide to live your life for yourself
  2. Target the source of negativity, cut it out and make the various conscious effort (specific to yourself) to change.
  3. Understand that happiness is a choice. 

Thanks for readings 
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p.s. this post intentionally avoided the topic of depression. I cannot speak on what i do not know about. I have no intentions to offend anyone with my words. I am simply speaking on my personal journey. 


  1. What a fab post with some lovely tips! I suffer with mental health, so it can be super hard to step out of my comfort zone and be happy when my mind sometimes just won't let me. It's definitely a habit I need to work hard at and break xx

    Lauren |

    1. Thank you!
      Yes anything is possible if we work at it! X

  2. I loved this post so much and the tips were super helpful! x

  3. I definitely think happiness is something we influence ourselves and have so much control over! Glad your journey is going well :)
    Amy xx