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Thursday, 13 November 2014


Hi guys! so i'm blogging at 10:00 in the night... i had plans to go out but that fell through (let me not even get into this...aha) anyway , i'm still kinda buzzed so i might as well do something productive and give myself a break from all my french revision right? 

Soooo, i recently started using this particular make of magnitone about two weeks ago and i am truly impressed by how great it works! it literally does everything it says on the box and more- like it's helping to get rid of spots and give me better and clearer skin. i would show you what my skin looks like without make up but i want to save that for the month review to see how well it really works! but atm i'm really pleased with it. 

With the box, you get the actual product and the charger, it's up to you to decide how you use it really. My method is to use facial wipes to wipe off my make up and then i use african black soap (dudu osun) with my magnitone cleanser. I think in future i will go into more detail but bye for now guys.


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Gloomy Day Attire

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Never too much black.

Hi Guys, I say this all the time but welcome back to my page- I know it's been ages since my last post and all I can do is apologise and try to develop some consistency. Any way I hope everyone's okay and doing well. Today I dragged my butt out of bed (to do an essay) and thought why not do a blog post today! So I asked one of my flat mates to help me take some pics and he kindly said yaaaas! aha (thank God for nice house mates). 

Of course me being me I had to put some sort of black clothing on... duh? normally my post are very monochrome so black and white but i thought "huh, why not embrace the gloomy weather today?" so this is what I got... 

Thanks for stopping by guys, hope you all have a blessed week. 

oh before I go, I get too many questions about my hair and many people believe it or not in this day and age do not know what a weave is... yas I wear weaves sometimes and in these pics i'm wearing weave from Furijo Hair. It's run by a group of lovely fella's whom i'll be doing some work with. I will probably do a post sometime this week reviewing the hair and going into more details about. however if you're looking to purchase some i strongly recommend them. also you can us SARAH10 for so ££££ OFF. 

okay bye for real now x x 

bloopers aha 

Le Clothes: 
Cardi:mammas wordrobe
turtle neck: eBay 
trousers: ASOS 
Boots:  New look. 

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