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Monochrome Lovin'

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Todays OOTD.

Pinafore/Dungarees dress- primark £5
Blouse- eBay £10
Bag- Armarni (Stolen from my mumma hehe) price? no clue
shoes- Nike-£30
Hello guys , so i just wanted to show you what i wore today. It's just a simple outfit and i'm sticking to my usual black and white. Boring but it's the best colour to wear on any one haha. Also please take note that i did layer up because it is cold out there. I ended up putting a pair of tights on too! In the last pic i was waaaay into Beyonce's entire album i didnt wanna take my headphone off.
Today was simply a day of coursework, revision and a lil shopping ... oh i almost forgot to mention - i'm way too happy that i'm now a new member of the ASOS insiders crew :D yayayayaay!.
As always i hope you guys are loving life and working hard. i'd love to know what you've all been getting up too so leave a comment down below or follow me on instagram and twitter. 
p.s. i've joined bloglovin too so check that out pls


love Sarah S x 


Thursday, 23 January 2014

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so apparently i had to post the url on here.
if you guys could follow me on there , that would be great. its 'thatgurlsolomon' still

SarahS x


Friday, 17 January 2014

Greetings human readers  

*Alien voice*(sorry i've just finished watching toy story aha, i love those aliens)

Any way , recentley i decided to enter a competition which i originally saw on twitter. It involves the clothing company "Lyle and Scott". Basically i  had to put together an outfit using this lovely scarf down below aswell.
Its currently £25 atm :) and they're having a 20% OFF sale!!!!

As you guys know from my last couple posts I LOVE ANYTHING TARTAN!!!
So after seeing this i so badly wanted to compete haha.
Before i go any further here is the link for their website. 

P.S do check out there accessories, they have some great stuff 

The company "Lyle and Scott" have been about since the 1800s and continue to improve on a daily basis. What i loved a lot about thier clothing and website is that it is vey customer friendly and because thier clothing is made in the UK it's great quality.

I know "Lyle and Scott" cater to both men and women but i feel i focus a little too much on womens clothing and this was a great opportunity to give all my attention to mens clothing.

Ofc i used my new favourite app. aka "polyvore" to create this. I did add a scarf there to give readers more options. The whole look i was going for was that of 'smart and casual'. My favourite item is the bobble hat because it's something i can see myself wearing aswell.

Lyle and Scott men's branded long sleeve navy blue polo T-shirt- £60
Lyle and Scott vintage men's jacquard navy blue jumper- £81
Lyle and Scott Bobble Beanie hat -£19
Lyle and Scott classic scarf- £40 (£35 on ASOS) 

I intentionally left out the details of the jeans because they can be found any where tbh. A basic pair of black skinny's or normal (what ever you guys prefer) would go great!!


SarahS x

Oh Soo Cluelessly MODERN?!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


 So, who else adored these three girls? *throws hands up*. In their time they were such fashionista's. Ok as you guys can probably tell in on a "clueless" fashion hype (ever since my tartan blazer from House of Fraser, featured in my last blog- i can't get enough... aha).

As it's two weeks into the new year, i'd love to know how you guys are doing.Hope you're all still going strong with those new years resolutions? aha. Mine was to blog more and i can kinda say i am... well i'm doing it whenever i can. What were yours?

I recently downloaded the polyvore app on my iPhone meaning that now i can have a visual wishlist for things i may never buy :((
However i decided that i wanted my first ever polyvore feature to be based the modern day style that was inspireds by the 1970s/80s tartan hype.


eek! I'm so happy that i've rekindled my love for boohoo products.I honestly don't know what made me stop for some time, their clothes are so affordable and stylish!!

As we all know in the movie "Clueless" a piece a tartan clothing is a must! In my polyvore/ collage- i'm following the current trend of the tartan dress that everyone loves. Although i've added my own personal twist on it. Most people i see normally wear a demin jacket- i tend to go for the formal look , hence the wool and pvc coat aha.

There are two options for outer wear and foot wear, mainly because i know everyone is different. Some people prefer heels, others don't. The great thing about all these items is that ALL ITEMS ARE UNDER £50!!!  the cheapest being £23.

    <---DREAMS... :(

As you guys can see, i landed in dream land haha, the excitement of using this app really got to me, so i decided to make a wishlist of what i would love to own , ya know when i win the lottery...

Still sticking with the "Clueless" topic though :)

My favourite item will have to be a Chanel Chelsea boots *drools*. I'm in love. With shoes... yep.


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Touch Of Tartan.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Basic Tee at night time.

How i style a basic t-shirt for a night out or dinner.

Hey guys. Firstly i'd like to appologise for the poor quality... the wind wanted to play games with me today and its safe to say i lost. Also thank goodness i don't want to be a model in any way because i would be the most unsuccessful model ever haha. I dont know what to do with my self in these pictures *hides eyes*.

p.s i dont know what i'm looking for in the last picture aha.

SECONDLY!!!!  I'd like to wish you all a happy and healthy new years :D.

The first pic more or less shows the whole outfit the clearest. I got the entire outfit in the sales before christmas, so that made me very happy. You probably don't know this about me but i really hate shopping especially when it's a busy place. Cannot deal with it and i get stressed out, however this time i was alright. I'm a little bit of a control freak and i like to schedule my day and plan what i'm going to do and what i need soooo i wrote a list of what i wanted/needed and just read off that list. (i know i'm weird) BUT the trip was successful!.

I think purchasing the heels was the hardest part of my day because their from primark and i think every girl in England is more than familiar with just how busy primark can get right? i was probably like in there for only 20 minutes (RECORD TIME). okay im starting to sound depressing haha, good news i got the for only £6 - reduced from £16 so yay.

Everything else was a piece of cake *Dusts shoulders*

Ahh yeah again i stole the jeans from my little sister- she wasnt very happy... why wouldn't she just accept that it's now mine? ahah

Ok that's it from me. i hope you all have a great day and i wish you all the best for the rest of the year. Its such a scary year for me if all goes to plan and i pass my A-levels. Wish me luck.

Sarah S

Blazer: House of Fraser
T-shirt: Peacocks
Jeans:  Asos
Heels:  Primark
Jewellery :Dorothy Perkins