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Touch Of Tartan.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Basic Tee at night time.

How i style a basic t-shirt for a night out or dinner.

Hey guys. Firstly i'd like to appologise for the poor quality... the wind wanted to play games with me today and its safe to say i lost. Also thank goodness i don't want to be a model in any way because i would be the most unsuccessful model ever haha. I dont know what to do with my self in these pictures *hides eyes*.

p.s i dont know what i'm looking for in the last picture aha.

SECONDLY!!!!  I'd like to wish you all a happy and healthy new years :D.

The first pic more or less shows the whole outfit the clearest. I got the entire outfit in the sales before christmas, so that made me very happy. You probably don't know this about me but i really hate shopping especially when it's a busy place. Cannot deal with it and i get stressed out, however this time i was alright. I'm a little bit of a control freak and i like to schedule my day and plan what i'm going to do and what i need soooo i wrote a list of what i wanted/needed and just read off that list. (i know i'm weird) BUT the trip was successful!.

I think purchasing the heels was the hardest part of my day because their from primark and i think every girl in England is more than familiar with just how busy primark can get right? i was probably like in there for only 20 minutes (RECORD TIME). okay im starting to sound depressing haha, good news i got the for only £6 - reduced from £16 so yay.

Everything else was a piece of cake *Dusts shoulders*

Ahh yeah again i stole the jeans from my little sister- she wasnt very happy... why wouldn't she just accept that it's now mine? ahah

Ok that's it from me. i hope you all have a great day and i wish you all the best for the rest of the year. Its such a scary year for me if all goes to plan and i pass my A-levels. Wish me luck.

Sarah S

Blazer: House of Fraser
T-shirt: Peacocks
Jeans:  Asos
Heels:  Primark
Jewellery :Dorothy Perkins 


  1. LOVE your blazer! despite the wind you look gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you! It was such a good buy as well. X

  2. Love the tartan coat, you look amazing!

  3. so pretty blazer, perfectly suits you.

  4. Love the tartan jacket :)

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  5. cute look.