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5 top picks from 'the fashion bible'

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


1) Holly Hagan White Stripe Crop Top & Skirt
2)Holly Hagan Limited Edition LUXE Black Frill Bardot Mini Dress
3) Holly Hagan Floral Bardot Top & Skirt In Blue 
4) Holly Hagan Keyhole Backless Jumpsuit In Black
5) Holly Hagan White Pleated Bralet Top

Hi guys. So here is a list of my 5 fav items recently produced by Holly Hagan.
I love how her line appeals to everyone’s taste, it goes from floral, to monochrome to pop colour, colour blocking-everything fab! 

However, why I was particularly drawn to Holly's collection was because of the idea and meaning behind her creating her own line. Like many of us, Holly too has struggled with body issues and has also gained the confidence to battle those issues, she states 

“I struggle looking at old pictures of myself, I used to think I looked great on a night out with my 5 pairs of eyelashes, skimpy PVC skirt and 1 leather glove, but in reality, I looked like a baby elephant!
 My look this series will shock a lot of people. I’ve ditched the rainbow coloured hair, for some more natural brown tones, and I’ve been working overtime in the gym, as well as getting help with my diet.
 With I really needed to make a Summer wardrobe that fitted real girls, after all I have to model it, and there’s no way I’d fit into clothes which didn’t allow for a womanly shape. My Mam jokes that I’ve the perfect child baring body, but that doesn’t help trying to fit into some of the stupidly tight clothes on the high street.
 The range has sizes from 6 to 26 in selected items, and prices start from £8.99 so there is something for everyone.
 This Summer, for the first time since I was a child, I think I’ll be able to enjoy myself on the beach and not be totally embarrassed about my figure, and that feels good.”

Personally I love Holly’s new found confidence. I will encourage everyone to have a look at holly’s range here
I’m happy that she didn't just start a line because she wanted to (although there’s nothing wrong with that at all) but she also had an agenda and meaningful message behind it.

Thanks for reading guys.  

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Sarah and her multicoloured dress.

Friday, 25 July 2014

kimono: eBay (bargain)
vest top: primark
skirt: primark
shoes: primark
necklaces: new look, thrifted
rings: miss selfridge, primark, new look.

Hi guys!
As you guys can see I’m clearly getting over my colourphobe/colour phobia, whatever it is (not sure they're even words...). ANYWAY, I fell in love with this dress whilst searching on my tumblr and I instantly had to have it. I think it's inspired by a 'Rat and Boa' collection and because it's so summery and bright I knew if I had gotten the rat and boa one I probably would never wear it after this year- so  I was extremely pleased when I saw it on eBay and it was only £1.09!!!!!! with £1.99 P+P. BARGAIN. WINNING!!! The only down side is that it is from china so delivery took about 3 weeks to get to me. 

On another topic I did not realise how much Primark clothes i had on today aha, everything is pretty much head to toe Primark. Hmm maybe I need to shop in other places? Possibly? I don't know I have too many clothes anyway. However, my fave item from Primark atm has to be these white sandals. omg I have to give Primark so much props- their items are so fashionable lately. Again it's super comfy however a little restricted in how flexible the material is. 

Finally the jewellery -I am obsessed with jewellery especially rings. Collecting rings is probably one of my favourite hobbies. These are just a few I’ve either gathered over the years or recently purchased. 

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far, erm I’m thinking of doing a giveaway as I’ve just hit 2K followers on instagram. I’m not too sure I might wait till like Christmas and do a bigger one. 

As always thanks for reading.  
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Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 1- Ankara, nikes,bralets and bangs. 

top: boohoo
trousers: ankara (it was tailored)
shoes: nike
necklace :primark 

Okay guys let me explain- I decided I hated ALL of the pictures I took at lovebox fest. They were gross, I looked sweaty and it was SOOO busy (as expected) it was a little difficult to take any decent pics- Any way enough complaining. Lately I’ve been tweeting about my Ankara trousers that my older sis had tailored for me in Nigeria. I don't know if it's weird that I’ve never worn any Nigerian traditional clothing up until last Friday... so I thought the festival was the best way to lose my trad clothing v-card and add a bit of colour into my outfit. What I learnt from the 2 festivals I’ve attended so far is that I’m a little too used to my luxuries so when I didn't have these things it seemed a little strange.

Day 2- prints, playsuit and kimono.

playsuit: Boohoo
shoes: Nike

So this outfit, I’m not going to lie is a little out of my comfort zone. Firstly I never show my legs, because everyone has their problem areas and mine just happens to be my legs. However I am known as a pretty confident person so I thought it was a little silly to actually be anxious of how people may judge me so, therefore it's slow progress but by wearing the things that I normally wouldn't I am becoming more body confident. Also I do love this playsuit because it's perfect for summer, it's colourful and i can wear literally any shoes with it and it just works. It works guys aha. Hence the Nike trainers.
All in all lovebox festival was AMAZING- I went with the most amazing people and made friends with people I never thought I could see myself with OH YEAH and I met  JOURDAN DUNN!!!! How cool is she?

As always thanks for reading my blog guys, this one was a little longer that usual but hey! 
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SO Indie!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

 So Indie It Hurts! (only joking)

 Le Clothes.
 crop top: boohoo
hat: boohoo
shirt: charity shop 
jeans: ASOS
shoes: Dr marten dupes , Depop

Hello to anyone reading this. I haven't blogged in ages and that sucks! Well actually i haven't been blogging consistently... but i have been very busy with student finance and accommodation for uni and all that jazz (if that excuses anything). Today i just thought i'd show you guys my typical casual everyday looks for when i want to be lazy. These jeans are pretty much my best friend- i wear them like 3 times a week (that's so sad aha) but i love them! Okay so i said in a really old post that I’m not really into charity shops BUT i think i am now a convert! I'm forever impressed with the bargains i get whenever i do decide to enter a charity shop.
Any way guys i hope you're all having a fab summer holiday, keep posted for some festival looks- i've been to wireless so far and my camera died so i couldn't take any pics , however i will be doing a look/ different looks for my other upcoming festivals if i get the chance ( so let’s pray for good weather aha).

As always guys thanks for reading.

Have a sick summer. 
P.S if you don't follow me on instagram its SSOLOMON_
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