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Sunday Blues

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Today Attire:
jacket: vintage pop-up shop, wranglers £15
top: newlook, i forgot the price
skirt: primark £1
heels: primark £7
sunglasses: primark £3

Hi Guys,
It feels like it's been forever since i've actually done an outfit post.
Today i was feeling a little blue. I know a lot of people interpret the colour differently. For some it means sadness , however for me it's more positive. which is what i've been trying to add to my daily life - more positivity. You know sometimes life can get a little stressful depending on the type of person you are - i think if you dress up the way you'd like to feel it really does make a difference. Sorry i didn't mean to get all deep on you guys aha. This is such a short post as well, but i hope you guys can take some of my positivity and use it this week towards whatever challenge comes your way.

As always thank you for reading this, i love reading comments- like it literally makes my day.

Sarah S x

p.s. i'm thinking of getting a proffesional camera-any suggestions?

A Slow Welcome For SPRING.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

springin' it ( a little)

 clothes from:

crop top: new look
jeans: ASOS 
boots: eBay
faux leather jacket: charity shop  

This is my personal welcome to spring.

Hello lovely readers, how are you all today ? 
It feels like i haven't posted an OOTD on my blog in ages ... maybe it's because i haven't :(. For that i'm really sorry about , since i'm currently in full time eduaction and i'm tryna get into uni and i have my part time job , it's a little hard to find time to do things i enjoy lately. However i am back with this OOTD. As the subheading mentions, it is my personal welcome to spring because i'm finding it a little hard to let go of my black clothing aha. Hence the lovely floral crop top from new look, which i think i got last summer for about £4.

I don't know if you guys are aware but i never really jumped on the charity shoping or thrifting hype, only because i think its takes a lot of patience to look and find any thing good. ALTHOUGH i was dragged into one 3 weeks ago and my twin sister actually found me this leather jacket! I'm not a huge fan of the studs because i feel it's too much of a grungey look , so i will be taking them out, however i couldn't believe they were selling it for £3!!!! :o . BARGAIN. 

And finally my booties! I'm 100% sure i have an eBay addiction. I can't stop buying things on there, and i get a weird thrill when i order from china especially and it arrives within days! I think i've built a connection with the chinese suppliers because whenever i order it only takes about 6 days to come!!!! woo. any way i do think they look better online than in reality , so i am a little disappointed , i don't feel these will be a daily kind of shoe thing. It was only £12 and free P+P, so i can't really complain.

Thank you guys for reading my blog, and don't forget to enter my giveaway in the last post.