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ittttts -rocks on rocks on rock!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

NOWSEEN- 'Dainty Chains

Hi Everyone
Ok i know its not actually a rock but i was in a singing mood... more like 'gems on gems on gems' or 'pendants on pendants on pendants' but that just doesn't quite work. ANYWAY, i kinda just wanted to showcase some of NOWSEEN necklace range because they are beautiful. I did mention in my wishlist post that i loved statement piece necklaces but i also love a simple necklace as well! personally i think simple yet classy or even eye catching necklaces are perfect for spring/summer- since everyone (most people) break into brighter coloured clothing and patterned clothes - a simple piece just adds to the perfection a mon avi...

oh yeah before i forget, at the end of the month my blog will be getting a huge makeover- something thats more me. cannot wait :D

thanks for reading guys 

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