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3 signs You're Doing Well In life Even When You Don't Think So!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Hey guys, i know some times all feel a little down about our positions in life, we are either  not happy with where we are, our jobs, our grades or even family lives that we seem to forget just how much we've accomplished. I know i'm a constant victim of this, so this post should not only be helpful you guys but also to me. 

3 signs you're doing well in life even when you don't think so.

  1. you've learned from your experiences- no one said life's journey would be easy, there will ultimately be a few bumps along the road (i'm sure we've all experienced this) but the journey is always worth it. As long as you can learn from your past mistakes you're already moving forward in life because you've learnt to not look back and make the same mistakes. 
  2. knowledge is at your fingertips- we often take for granted so many things around us that we often learn from, neglecting to show appreciation to the many things that enable us to grow as individuals. for instance without sounding to clich√©, the fact that we get free education is a total blessing because as we all know in other parts of the world that isn't the case. so, the fact that we're taking full advantage of the knowledge right on our finger tips already displays how well, we're actually doing.   
  3. you have a dream - whatever your dream is it's yours! you have the power to embrace it and create it. don't give up!

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  1. Sometimes this is just what I need. Being an adult is stressful and I rarely feel like I've got my whole life together. This list is so true though. If you've learned from the past, are able to learn new things, and have a goal - you're set! Thanks for the reminder :)

    - Courtney

  2. Ahh I feel your pain girl, I'm slowly becoming an adult and it is stressful! Glad this helped!