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Thursday, 6 August 2015

A-Level results day is coming up and you're a little nervous?

A few tips on how to calm those nerves and get you ready for judgement day.

Doing a-levels was the hardest and most trying period for me personally and like a lot of you reading this, i dreaded results day too. After countless hours spent in the library studying for subjects i had no passion for at all (well i did really enjoy a few) and found utterly boring i just wanted to have a summer to remember.After many festivals, parties and social gatherings my desire to know what i had achieved for my a-levels began to kick in. These are a few methods i used to keep calm. i hope this helps someone out there.

ways to relieve the stress.
  1. Think positively. This is so essential in order to relieve the stress because since stress is somewhat of a mental battle,therefore it is easy to combat this by focusing on the good.
  2. Do something that makes you laugh/ keeps you busy. so go to a theme park, see some friends, paint something. whatever it is that makes you laugh and keeps you busy- focus on that.
  3. Remind yourself of your strengths. The human brain has a strong negative bias, this means that we tend to mainly focus on the negatives and let the positives slip by. Therefore focusing on the positives at least gives you the moment to give yourself a chance. 
Remember that you cannot change the circumstances now. Que Sera. what will be, will be. So try not to stress too much and enjoy the rest of your summer whatever the outcome is.

what to do on results day

you made the grades? 

congratulations. You can now relax, tell your parents, friends, cats and dogs that you finally get to leave your hell hole of a town. On to bigger and better things.Go you. 

you haven't made the grades but still want to go to university?

unfortunately not everyone gets the grades they wanted or even deserved which is rather sad actually but, not to worry, if you happen to be one the few unfortunate people who fall short of a grade then perhaps try going through the clearing process if you are adamant that university is what you want. You'll be surprised by how many people are accepted through clearing who fall short of the grades. Try looking at the back up universities before hand (if you can predict what your grades may be like) that way the clearing process is a lot shorter because ultimately you'll be calling up the universities that accept people within the grade boundaries (i hope that makes sense aha).

you didn't make it through the clearing process? 

welp! it wasn't mean to be.Give up. You failed!!
JK JK, honestly guys if you don't mange to get into university this year DONT WORRY. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and God's timing is always right. So go back and try again next year or not perhaps you may realise uni isn't for you- that's good too. 

Thanks for reading guys.
I hope you found this somewhat helpful

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